Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bonna-Shew-weeeee 2008! (finally, I know...)

After my inaugural trip to Bonnaroo this year, I have come to know certain things. Some for the better, some for the worse. And some things just are what they are.

The Better:
  • 158 Bands/4 Days/reasonable $$. Holy shit, are you kidding me?! I knew that it would be ridiculously awesome, unbelievable and exhausting, but the 'Roo was incredible. I am in love with it. I have found my yearly trip and destination in Manchester, Tennessee, just a mere 180 miles from Knox-hell...Well, the 'Roo and Talladega, of course.

  • The Atmosphere. Yes, there are hippies there. And "dirties". Hipsters. Cool kids. Punkers. Headbangers too (thanks Metallica, Sword and Mastodon). Old Folks. Young Folks. Regular Folks. ...and everyone minded their own business. I didn't hear of any fights, trouble or griping, except for Kanye (more to come on him, I assure you). Everyone was laid back, real cool and for the most part nice. Not overly nice, but nice enough to where it wasn't annoying.

  • Eye Candy. There are all kinds of folks to watch, and they are almost as entertaining as the bands. They are actually probably more entertaining from a ratio perspective of "unique" individuals to bands that you actually see.

The Worse.

  • The Traffic. Yea, you're gonna wait in traffic. Both in and out. For a while. Get used to it. Get to know it. Embrace it. You ain't gotta like it, but you gotta respect it. No other options, unless you're in a helicopter. If you can love it, I would advise to do so.

  • The Lines. See above.

  • Kanye. I wouldn't expect to see ol' Kanye around the farm again anytime in the near future. A close source of the festival told me he was being very rude, obnoxious and that he was a, well, he wasn't very nice about the whole "Pearl Jam went late and pushed my show back..." He's a pompous prima donna, and I can't believe he pitched a fit about his stage set and everything, especially after Bonnaroo moved his set back to late night to accommodate his glow show. (**side note: I read somewhere on the net that KW was actually in Atlanta doing a late night club show on Saturday night and wasn't even in Manchester til late, and that's why he came on almost 2 hours later...I'll see if I can find that link). More to come on Kanye...

It Is What It Is:

  • Exhausting. Very. much. so. I'm a trooper, but even I was getting worn down by the end of each night, especially by 2 or 3 in the morning. Add in the hard Tennessee summer sun, 19 hours non stop of beers, then a water, more beers, another water, maybe a sandwich, more beer, etc... I was told to carry two gallon jugs of water with me and drink them during the course of the day. Ha, I scoffed. And I didn't. Too bulky. Instead I opted for the user-friendly, multiple backpacked sized water bottles, and they did just fine. Again, I'm a trooper. And consequently, a dehydrated, sunburned and tired sumbitch.

  • "The Rub". Guys, be prepared. Lots of you were Boy Scouts. You know what you have to do, so just do it. Ladies, I don't know how y'all handle it, but be prepared too.

  • Comfortable Attire. Especially shoes. This is not the weekend to try out those new kicks you just got at the Manchester Mall (is there one?) or the Mid-Tennessee Shoe Carnival. Trust me. Your feet will thank you and they will walk you around for longer and let you stand on your tip toes because you can't see Rilo Kiley from the back of This Tent.

Enough for the Dad talk, you get the picture. Now on to the good stuff...

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