Wednesday, August 27, 2008

KOL video premiere

Kings of Leon - "Sex On Fire"

Darrell Scott - live at the Disc Exchange today - NOON

Today at the Disc Exchange at Noon: Darrell Scott. Come check him out as he plays tunes off of his new release Modern Hymns fo' free.

Check Darrell out and go see him today at either the Disc Exchange or at the Bijou Theatre tonight at 7:oo for the Tennessee Shines concert series that SDB covered a few weeks ago here. Also on the bill are The SteelDrivers, Shawn Camp and Knoxville's own the everybodyfields. Grammy-winner Jim Lauderdale will host. $10 will get you in!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kings of Leon - Only By the Night

Probably old news by now, but I just found the tracklisting for the upcoming Kings of Leon album Only By the Night, due out September 23rd:

'Sex On Fire'
'Use Somebody'
'I Want You'
'Be Somebody'
'Cold Desert'

I can't wait!

new, free Bobby D

Download "Dreamin' Of You", a free, never-before-released song from his upcoming album Tell Tale Signs (Bootleg Series Vol. 8). The album will be released on October 7th in three versions, including a exclusive Limited Deluxe Collectors Edition.

To download a free copy of "Dreamin' of You", click here.

(I bet Vegas will be all over this in the morning, especially since he loves him some Dylan.)

Truckers concert in Amsterdam

Click here to watch the Truckers' show at Paradiso Hall in Amsterdam on August 18, 2008.

(picture taken by me at their Nashville show in March)

Monday, August 25, 2008

STP - Grand Ole Opry House - Nashville - 8.24.08

Last night the Stone Temple Pilots came through Nashville, their last stop for a week before several late summer festivals stops like Bumbershoot, and they did not disappoint...mostly.

While as I previously posted, I have been waiting over 15+ years to catch STP as STP, and not one of the handful of their respected side and solo projects. With that being said, and being that Weiland hasn't exactly had a smooth run of luck over the last decade with his troubles with substance abuse and domestic disputes, those in attendance could tell that he was kinda worn down. I don't believe that they cared...if they even noticed.

STP came out and in typical Weiland fashion, they opened the show with "Big Empty". I found this to be an interesting "opener" since it's not a machine-gun flurry of rock, but instead a slow and slinking, building and brooding screeching epic. After some sort of difficulties with Dean DeLeo's guitar in the opening seconds' slide lick, he recovered and it was all rock from there.

The Pilots played the hits: all the ones you expected to hear, and a few that you had forgotten about over the years and the handful of STP albums. The boys continued through hits like "Wicked Garden", slowed down, sleazier versions of "Big Bang Baby" and "Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart", "Silvergun Superman", and of course their 90s radio staples "Creep", "Plush", "Interstate Love Song" and "Vaseline" just to name a few.

Surprises included an awkward version of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" that seemed out of place honestly. After "Redemption Song", Dean started playing the opening bars to Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" after which Weiland quipped, "We'll get to Free Bird in a minute alright..." Also, during "Sex Type Thing", drummer Eric Kretz jumped off of his drum kit and ran off stage, only to be replaced by a man with shirt and tie. This gentleman was Tom Contreras, who played in Robert and Dean DeLeo's first band back in New Jersey, Robert explained.

Weiland still likes to ramble a bit between songs, covering everything from recording the album Purple in Atlanta, to riding around on Sunset Strip as a driver for models, as well as pimping out labelmate Tommy Joe Wilson and his upcoming album, who apparently opened the show (we weren't there just yet). If you aren't familiar with Tommy Joe Wilson, don't worry- I wasn't either. You can check him out here, but I will warn you now: he isn't STP, or even solo Weiland, so be forewarned.

All in all, it was a good show. The die-hards might say it was great, but I'm sticking with that it was a good show. I'll go as far as to say that is was a solid show. They played most of the songs I wanted to hear, but all the ones I expected to hear. Between Weiland's ramblings, his sometimes off-key barkings and his lounge-act vibrato and falsetto howlings, he sounded very hoarse and strained from all the years taking their toll. Those mixed with a few muffled lines and possibly reversed verses of some of the more tongue-twisted tunes, kept this show from being in the great category. The band was tight, as if they hadn't taken a 5+ year break. In the end, I am glad that I finally got to see them, especially since I couldn't drive a car yet during their heyday.

Check out a few pics and a video from the show that I took (could Robert be any more cooler in his all black suit, sunglasses and his signature grip on his bass?) and the setlist from the show, as best as I could record it with all the ramblings, extended intros and classic rock riff teases:

Big Empty
Wicked Garden
Big Bang Baby (slowed down version)
Silvergun Superman
Lounge Fly
Lady Picture Show
Sour Girl (w/ Nashville songwriters comments)
Creep (w/ Sunset Strip story intro)
Redemption Song (w/ Smoke on the Water intro at end)
Interstate Love Song
Too Cool Queenie
Sex Type Thing (w/ Tom Contreras on drums)


Dead and Bloated
Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart (slower version)

STP - "Creep"

Check out other peoples' videos from the show here.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

STP live right now!!!


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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Waiting on a Sunday afternoon

Yes, finally, tomorrow. Nashville. The Grand Ole Opry House. Stone Temple Pilots. I have waited over 15 years to see these guys. I even gave up going to Bristol for the weekend in St. Genevieve (the RV) and partying like Weiland for the weekend at the race to go see STP (there are two races at Bristol a year. How many more chances will I have to see STP? Figure those odds and then argue if you want).

Despite never seeing STP in their "hey day", I have seen Weiland and the DeLeo brothers in various band incarnations like Velvet Revolver and Army of Anyone. However, I have never seem drummer Eric Kretz, who I think is one of the most under rated and under appreciated drummer of the 90s and one of personal favorite drummers (he helped me to learn how to play when I'd turn on their records as loud as my little boombox would go, nearly to 11, and play my drums over their songs until I figured them out. The same went for Nirvana, Green Day, Offspring, Pearl Jam, etc. I obviously grew up in the 90s). As you can tell, I am totally pumped about this show, and simply cannot wait. It'll be like I'm 15 years old again listening to Core and Purple in my parents' downstairs, being mad at the world, thinking I'm a little badass and that I know everything... Which I was and still am, and yes, I did and still do too.

We have scouts at the Atlanta show tonight, so details to come as they develop and come in to SDB HQ. Early reports of the show are "Fuckin' awesome" from VH and her crew, despite no "real surprises" tonight she said. We'll see what happens tomorrow night in Cashville.

Opening the show will be the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with their spacey garage sound, who I've seen at least once that I remember, as they opened for the Kings of Leon last year at the Tennessee Theatre. They are cool, but let's be honest- the mindset of everyone there will be "Hurry and play so STP can come out and rock our faces off like it's 1995!"

More to come on this.
Hollywood and I are probably the last music lovers in the South to have not seen The Dempseys live, but after the show this past Thursday we can rest easy having finally seen them at Barley's here in Knoxville, TN. I will say that I absolutely got my money's worth at the show in more ways than one. The guys are obviously ridiculously talented and maticulous showmen. Guitarist, vocalist and trumpet player Bradley Dean Birkedahl reminded me of a combination of Carl Perkins and Rick Miller from Southern Culture on the Skids. Bassist "Slick" Joe Fick looked like some combination of Henry Rollins and this dude named Garrett I went to high school with, and his stage presence reminded me of a mix between Jim Carrey and Les Claypool. And Drummer Ron Perrone, Jr. was like a mix of Charlie Watts and my cousin Eric. I know it sounds like I'm making fun, but these can can flat out play. They have any number of stage tricks like switching instruments, climbing up on the bass and playing, and pretty much tag teaming on two instruments at once. There's no doubt that these guys have a ton of creativity in what they do, and they've put in a lot of time in putting on a great show. A Dempseys show is absolutely worth your time, especially if it's your first time seeing them.

All that being said, the best thing about the Dempseys show was Suzie Q. Suzie Q was the girl that I fell in love with at the show. If my girlfriend reads this, I'd like to promise her that I'm only writing this cause I thought it would be entertaining, and that Suzie Q really does not exist. For everyone else, yes she does and I love her. Seriously. I'd marry her tomorrow if I thought she'd ever give me the time of day. Any girl at a rock show automatically raises her hottness quotient, but this girl was just ridicuous. At risk of getting a certain SBD friend of mine in trouble, I'll change the name of the person I went to the show with (although I'm almost certain I gave him away earlier in this post, but am too lazy and alomst to drunk to check back), but Dollywood agreed with me about this girl. It was like the scene in "Wayne's World" where Wayne first saw Cassandra. I didn't hear "Dream Weaver," but I certainly understood John Fogerty's thoughts when he wrote her song oh so many years ago.

So in summary, go see the Dempseys, and Suzie Q, baby I love you, Suzie Q.

Bang the Kang

You know I tried to think of a clever way to begin this post, perhaps some sort of clever inclusion of a lyric or maybe even an extremely witty remark about Verizon's use of American Bang's "Move to the Music" in one of their commercials. But the truth is I really just want to say if you like rock and roll music, and I mean real rock and roll music, then go see the Bang. They put on one of the best rock shows around town and I can only hope that their success will continue to the point where they are playing much bigger venues than the Preservation Pub (although I must admit that the Pub is a great atmosphere to see the Bang).

When I first heard these guys (back when they were called Bang Bang Bang) I have to admit that I was one of many that thought they pretty much sounded like a long lost second cousin to the Kings of Leon. They were both from Nashville and, at least going by the sound of the KoL's first album, they sounded a lot alike. However, in the last year or so and after having seen both bands live, I have to admit that for my money the Bang put on a much better show than the KoL. That's nothing against the Kangs, it's just that there's something about the fun, loud, up-tempo Jagger-esque swagger that the Bang embodies that I dig a lot more than the introverted, high-brow sound of the KoL. It's not that the KoL aren't a good band, they certainly are, and I dig them a lot. But when I want to drink beer (or 12), listen to good music (and don't get me wrong, as fun as they are the Bang make really fucking good music), kick back and rock out, I'll take the Bang every day. I don't miss them when they're in town and I've yet to be even close to disappointed.

Some of the highlights from any show are always when they play my two favorites, "Traffic" and "I Shot the King" (the title of the last one, as far as I know, not intended to separate them from the KoL reference, but still pretty interesting to think about). This last show they even did a cover of Start Me Up, which was just as awesome as it sounds being that Jaren's stage presence always reminds me of Mick Jaggar. Anyhow, long story short says you're missing out if you don't check out American Bang next time they're in your town. Holler at me there and I'll buy you a beer.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Dempseys @ Barley's - 8.21.08

the Dempseys

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Possibly the new U2...if anyone cares anymore...

Click here for songs and here for story about how these came to be. I think I like this youngster from Norway.

Neil, Death Cab, Wilco and Tegan Quin

Neil Young has announced a fall tour with Death Cab for Cutie and Wilco this fall. Here are the tour dates:
Neil w/ Death Cab for Cutie:

Oct. 14: St. Paul, Minn. (Xcel Energy Center, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Oct. 16: Winnipeg, Manitoba (MTS Centre, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Oct. 18: Regina, Saskatchewan (Brandt Centre, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Oct. 19: Calgary, Alberta (Pengrowth Saddledome, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Oct. 21: Everett, Wash. (Comcast Arena, no opener specified)
Oct. 22: Vancouver (GM Place, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Oct. 29: San Diego (Cox Arena, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Oct. 30: Los Angeles (Forum, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)

Nov. 1: Reno, Nev. (Events Center, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Nov. 4: Kansas City, Mo. (Sprint Center, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)
Nov. 5: Omaha, Neb. (Qwest Center, w/ Death Cab For Cutie)

Neil w/ Wilco:

Nov. 29: Halifax, Nova Scotia (Metro Centre, w/ Wilco)
Dec. 1: Montreal (Bell Centre, w/ Wilco)
Dec. 2: Ottawa, Ontario (Scotia Bank Place, w/ Wilco)
Dec. 4: Toronto (Air Canada Centre, w/ Wilco)
Dec. 7: Auburn Hills, Mich. (Palace of Auburn Hills, w/ Wilco)
Dec. 9: Chicago (Allstate Center, no opener specified)
Dec. 12: Philadelphia (Wachovia Spectrum, w/ Wilco)
Dec. 15: New York (Madison Square Garden, w/ Wilco)


In related news, Wilco hopes to have their next album out by Spring '09. They have been playing two new tracks lately that will be featured on their seventh studio album: "One Wing" and "Sunny Feeling". Between finishing up their summer tour this month and their fall tour with Neil, and Jeff Tweedy's solo dates, they can squeeze in the time to record what Tweedy hopes will be more of an accurate portrayal of where he is in his life currently compared to their last six albums.


Tegan Quin, of Canadian twin-sister duo Tegan and Sara, is in Los Angeles filming a video with Against Me! for their song "Bourne on the FM Waves of the Heart" from their 2007 release New Wave. Tegan shares lead vocals with Against Me!'s Tom Gabel. This is my favorite song off of the album. See what you think- listen here.

Whigs Out

The Whigs begin their U.S. tour tomorrow in Nashville! With them will be Tokyo Police Club in September, The Kooks in October, and Kings of Leon in November. The Whigs will also play hometown shows at the 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA on September 10th and at Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse on September 29th. Tickets are now on sale for ALL stops on the North American trek including these hometown stops here. The Whigs and the Kings of Leon will play a show at New York’s Webster Hall on September 23rd to coincide with the KOL's new album release. / the whigs myspace

Aug 20 2008
Backyard at the belcourt summer concert series (with American Bang!!!)
Nashville, Tennessee
Aug 21 2008
Proud Larry’s
Oxford, Mississippi
Aug 22 2008
Republic - Aquarium Drunkard presents....
New Orleans, Louisiana
Aug 23 2008
Stokin the Fire BBQ and Music Festival
Birmingham, Alabama
Aug 29 2008
Rifflandia Festival - Royal Theater - w/ Black Mountain and Johnny & The Moon
Victoria, British Columbia
Aug 31 2008

Seattle, Washington
Sep 4 2008
Musicfest NW at Dante’s
Portland, Oregon
Sep 8 2008
Ottobar w/ Tokyo Police Club
Baltimore, Maryland
Sep 9 2008
Cat’s Cradle w/ Tokyo Police Club
Carrboro, North Carolina
Sep 10 2008
The Fabulous 40 Watt w/ Tokyo Police Club
Athens, Georgia
Sep 12 2008
Emos w/ Tokyo Police Club
Austin, Texas
Sep 13 2008
SoCo Music Experience w/ Justice and MGMT
Saratoga, New York
Sep 14 2008
Monolith Music Festival
Red Rocks, Colorado
Sep 16 2008
Wasted Space/ HRC w/ Tokyo Police Club
Las Vegas, Nevada
Sep 18 2008
Henry Fonda Theatre w/ Tokyo Police Club
Los Angeles, California
Sep 19 2008
Glass House w/ Tokyo Police Club
Pamona, California
Sep 20 2008
Street Scene
San Diego, California
Sep 23 2008
Webster Hall w/ Kings Of Leon
New York, New York
Sep 29 2008

The Variety Playhouse w/ The Kooks
Atlanta, Georgia
Sep 30 2008
Varsity Theatre w/ The Kooks
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Oct 2 2008
House Of Blues w/ The Kooks
Dallas, Texas
Oct 3 2008
Meridian w/ The Kooks
Houston, Texas
Oct 4 2008
Antones w/ The Kooks
Austin, Texas
Oct 7 2008
The Pageant w/ The Kooks
St. Louis, Missouri
Oct 8 2008
Peoples Court w/ The Kooks
Des Moines, Iowa
Oct 9 2008
Barrymore Theatre w/ The Kooks
Madison, Wisconsin
Oct 11 2008
Riviera Theatre w/ The Kooks
Chicago, Illinois
Oct 12 2008
Bogarts w/ The Kooks
Cincinnati, Ohio
Oct 14 2008
Newport Music Hall w/ The Kooks
Columbus, Ohio
Oct 21 2008
Showbox SoDo w/ The Kooks
Seattle, Washington
Oct 22 2008
Crystal Ballroom w/ The Kooks
Portland, Oregon
Oct 25 2008
Warfield Theatre w/ The Kooks
San Francisco, California
Oct 27 2008
House Of Blues w/ The Kooks
Anaheim, California
Oct 28 2008

Hollywood Palladium w/ The Kooks
Hollywood, California
Nov 1 2008
Orpheum Theatre w/ KIngs Of Leon and We Are Scientists
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nov 3 2008
The Pageant w/ Kings Of Leon and We Are Scientists
St. Louis, Missouri
Nov 5 2008
The Eagles Ballroom w/ Kings Of Leon and We Are Scientists
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Nov 7 2008
Kool Haus w/ Kings Of Leon and We Are Scientists
Toronto, Ontario
Nov 8 2008
The Fillmore w/ Kings Of Leon and We Are Scientists
Detroit, Michigan
Nov 10 2008
DAR Constitution Hall w/ Kings Of Leon and We Are Scientists
Washington, DC, Washington DC
Nov 12 2008
Orpheum Theatre w/ Kings Of Leon and We Are Scientists
Boston, Massachusetts
Nov 15 2008
Electric Factory Ballroom w/ Kings Of Leon and We Are Scientists
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nov 18 2008
The Tabernacle w/ Kings Of Leon and We Are Scientists
Atlanta, Georgia
Nov 19 2008
Nashville Municipal Auditorium w/ Kings Of Leon and We Are Scientists
Nashville, Tennessee

Tonight Ain't Gonna Be Good

As previously discussed here, Craig Brewer (of Black Snake Moan and Hustle & Flow fame) is filming a web-series called $5 Cover of some of Memphis' finest in and around the area at a few of the more cozier confines of M-town. Tonight is Lucero on their homefield turf at Young Avenue Deli. I suggest you be there.

And contrary to the "$5" name, it's free, so just show up...and show up early! This will be a good'un. And most likely a rowdy one.

Here are the rest of the details:

August 19, 2008 - 8:00 PM
Young Avenue Deli
2119 Young Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104-4866

Monday, August 18, 2008

AC/DC on the "Rocks"

There is a God - Angus be thy name.

From AC/

On October 20, AC/DC will release Black Ice, their widely anticipated first studio album in eight years. Black Ice features 15 new tracks from brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd, produced by Brendan O'Brien at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC.

"Rock 'N' Roll Train," the album's first single, will debut on August 28th. The video will premiere in September. And the band is set to kick off its first world tour since 2001 in late October.

Black Ice will be sold in the U.S. exclusively at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club retail locations at the special price of $11.88. Online, the CD will be available with free standard shipping and handling at It will also be sold at and

While you might not be able to wrap your fingers around Black Ice until October no matter where you buy it, you can pre-order it today directly from AC/DC at the band's on-line shop and at

::Addition to original post::

Here is the track list for Black Ice:

"Rock'n'Roll Train"

"Skies on Fire"

"Big Jack"

"Anything Goes"

"War Machine"

"Smash n Grab"

"Spoilin' for a Fight"



"Stormy May Day"

"She Likes Rock'n'Roll"

"Money Made"

"Rock'n'Roll Dream"

"Rocking All the Way"

"Black Ice"

$30 Million From Mars

Jordan Catalano, err, Jared Leto, his brother Shannon Leto and the rest of the guys of 30 Seconds to Mars are being sued by Virgin Records for alledgedly not fulfilling their contract obligations from a 1999 contract to the tune of $30 million.

"Blah Blah Blah. I'm hot and you're not..." said Leto, as he went on to say that the contract is void due to California's 7-year contract clause... Read more here if you care. If not, and you are a My So-Called Life fan, you can read more about that here.

Oh, he was so dreamy. I didn;t know he was so smart too, knowing all those bug lawyer words and legal sentences and numbers. I'm going to have to write about him in my diary tonight.

Dear Diary,

These bad men are trying to sue my baby Jordan and take away all his hard earned money that he earned being so dreamy. Just let me get a hold of those meany record label men. I'll save my Jordi from any danger that is heading for him, as long as he'll save me. But I know he will. Why would he not? We are destined to be together. After he wrote, played and sang me that song about being 'sedated' on his tv show, I knew we were destined for true happiness...

Oh no, I forgot that this isn't my diary. Whoops. Please erase that last part from your memory. That is private information! How dare you intrude on my privacy.

I am embarrassed.

Rock and Roll Means Well...

Welp, here it is, in all it's (hopefully not finalized and totally unfulfilled) glory:

The Drive-By Truckers fall tour, perfectly named "The Rock and Roll Means Well Tour" with The Hold Steady. Tour dates are here. Pre-sale tickets go on-sale tomorrow here.

Sadly, no Knoxville dates (as of now... ...I hear the DBTs don't like to play here for a few reasons stemming back to some clubs dates a few years ago...) and no Chattanooga dates. Nashville is in there, at the Ryman no less, which I have no doubt will be a great show! But after seeing the DBTs at the Tennessee Theatre a few years back, I'd rather stand the whole time, get pushed around, fight and elbow for position and get beer spilled all over me at a club show, rather than sit in a nice theatre setting and know that someone once sat where I was sitting and saw Michael McDonald and probably Yanni too. Kenny G? More than likely as well. And the symphony.

But I takes what I's can gets. At least the Nashville and Atlanta dates are on the weekend.

Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

Stream the entire new album from Byrne/Eno:

and if this doesn't work, go here.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

American Bang - Preservation Pub - 8.15.08

American Bang

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Hang Around With The People We Used to Be

I've had the song "Inn Town," the first track off of Whiskeytown's Strangers Almanac in my head for three days. It plays over and over, and I even find myself singing it out loud in my office at work without really realizing it. I've always liked the song, but it's never been my favorite. In fact for the longest time I skipped over it when I put in the CD to get right to "Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart" (track #2). But nonetheless it's been in the corner of my ear for 72 hours and I can't seem to hear it enough. I've listen to it countless times, played it and sung it myself hoping to at least allow me to hear something new, but there it stays. Don't get me wrong, this is not a problem really, and I'm grateful to have a song that I actually like stuck in my head for once. (I once carried Montell Jordan's "This is How We Do It" around with me for an entire summer. Misery.) But I also know that hearing a song too much can sometimes ruin it. It gets annoying, you dissect it a little too much, and it can just get played out.

So in order to try not to ruin the song, I figured I'd listen to the album and write a little about the songs I like and perhaps I'll get it out of my head that way. Really, this is just an excuse to listen to a badass album, but we're just going to go with it here.

Track 1: Inn Town

The reason for this whole exercise. I'm not sure what it is about this song I like so much. I'm not really certain what the point or story of this song is other than perhaps talking about coming home after being away and finding nothing's really changed, but somehow everything's changed. It's subtle in both it's words and music, and I'm realizing that the harmonies sound just slightly off to me, which makes them that much more effective and perfect.

Favorite Lyric: Fifty cents or a dollar three, I don't owe you anything.

Track 2: Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight

Great use of the word "goddamn." I know a lot of people don't like hearing that one, and that you aren't really supposed to cuss in country music, but a really good "goddamn" can go a long way in taking a song from really good to fucking awesome. This one and 16 Days were the two songs that initially got me into Whiskeytown, and it never disappoints. I still don't know who the guy is that sings the last verse. Doesn't sound at all like Ryan Adams. Actually sounds like Bob Dylan, but I can't imagine that being the case. I'd look it up but I'm really just too lazy, and that sort of defeats the purpose of just enjoying the song for what it is.

Favorite Lyric: Situation's got me drinkin' every goddamn day and night.

Track 4: 16 Days

I have to admit until this read I always thought that the line in the second verse of this song said "got a bottle and a rosary," but I'm realizing he might be saying "got a Bible and a rosary." I like the first one better, so I'm gonna go with that. I also must admit that I broke down and looked up some lyrics, and the very last one I always interpreted as "just like the whore I am," which I thought was brilliant. According to Lyrics Freak he's saying "it's like before I hang." Again, I like my way better.

Favorite Lyric: Can't sleep when the bedsheet fights it's way back to your side.

Track 6: Houses on the Hill

I didn't discover this song until just recently, but I think it may be the most well written song on the album. It's really the only one out of all of these that actually tells a story, and it's just beautifully done. It could've been a really sappy song about a guy leaving the woman he loves to go off to war and ends up dying, but somehow it brushes just up against that idea without being corny. It doesn't take an anti-war or pro-war stance really, it just tells a story through the eyes of a kind of different narrator, which is pretty cool.

Favorite Lyric: The envelope folds smelled of her ancient perfume.

Track 10: Avenues

I don't really have any idea what this song is talking about, and I don't really think I want to take the time to figure it out. I like the melody and I love the way the words sound as they're being sung. I think that's enough for me.

Favorite Lyric: All the sweethearts of the world are out littering the bars, and I am still avenues from any place you are.

Now that this is all over Ive got "Houses on the Hill" stuck in my head. Guess I'll have to give it another listen in a couple of day. What a cruel fate.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rollin' with my homies...

Finally! Only three and a half more weeks until... the next season. What's next with Vince and the boys? Walsh? Ari? Medellin? September 7th. 10pm. HBO. Yes sir.

American Bang tomorrow at Preservation Pub

Go check out the hottest band from Nashville (and Tennessee!) in the last few years, probably decade, American Bang, at the Preservation Pub in Market Square tomorrow night! You will not be disappointed by the Bang's blend of straight up rock n roll and southern jam-boogie. Take AC/DC's electricity, mixed with the Kings of Leon's tone and vocal styles, mixed with the chops of old, old, ooooooollllddddddd-school early Skynyrd (yes, I said it) and add just enough of a sprinkle of originality and freshness and you get American Bang. The Bang were signed to Warner Brothers Records a year or two ago, and have ben working on their debut for what seems like an eternity. They put out a 10 or 12 song album in 2006 on their own and it was outstanding- a good ol' whiskey soaked, cigarette smoke-filled rock-n-roll record all the way through. Formerly known as Bang Bang Bang, the Bang ended up changing their name to American Bang for legal reasons once they were signed due to another band with the same name.

Here's a video I found of my favorite song of theirs, Traffic, with a long intro:

But don't take our word for it here at SDB...Come see's only $5 anyhow. The Bang are playing with Sterling Y tomorrow night, and with The Whigs for other parts of the tour!

Ok, ok, ok...Take our word for it-- they are awesome!

PS: If you haven't heard The Whigs' latest album Mission Control, grab it this weekend and turn 'er up. (If you happen to be in the Chattanooga area Friday night, The Whigs are playing the free concert series NightFall downtown in Miller Plaza. You know what you need to do.)

PPS: If you happen to be in the Nashville area, My Morning Jacket (who?) is playing at Riverfront Park Friday night as well...It's good to be in Tennessee this weekend.

NIN - Knoxville - 8.12.08




HEAD LIKE A HOLE (**clips from my cell phone**)

Watch other Knoxville NIN videos here and view full setlist.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Free song from new David Byrne/Brian Eno record!

From ConcertWire:

On August 18, David Byrne and Brian Eno will release the results of their first collaboration in nearly 30 years. Everything That Happens Will Happen Today will be available online at, which is where you can sign up to receive future updates and a free mp3 of the song "Strange Overtones."

You can catch David Byrne in concert performing "Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno" somewhat locally on September 21 at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in Asheville and September 22 at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Tickets for both shows go on sale this Friday via Ticketmaster outlets, the venues' box offices and online at

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nine Inch Nails

NIN phone video...This will have to work til I can get my camera pics and videos up and running. The sounds sucks, so turn your volume down. I put this up for the light/effects show...which was amazing.

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Deerhunter opening for Nine Inch Nails at the Knoxville Coliseum on Tuesday, August 12.

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A mysterious bulletin was posted from CBGB's myspace today reading:

Stay tuned for news in the next couple of days.

So, I guess stay tuned...?

Nine Inch Nails tonight

Ok, so apparently I'm going to see Trent and the boys in two hours at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum...I think Deerhunter is opening. I love last second tickets! More to come as it develops tonight.

Maybe I'll get lucky tomorrow night with Smashing Pumpkins...

Tom Waits...for nothing; for everyone.

From ConcertWire:

Tom Waits has allowed the complete show from his July 5, 2008, appearance at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia, to be made available to fans in both streaming and podcast formats via National Public Radio’s website.

Also, if you haven't seen Waits' tour promo video, you have to. It's a must-see:

The Good Life

An SDB favorite, Justin Townes Earle continues to make a name for himself, despite sharing his names with two other (in)famous musicians: Townes Van Zandt and Steve Earle.

Justin has just released the title track off of his The Good Life album as his next single. You can find it here. While you're there, go ahead and get the album if you don't have it already.

More on:


Townes &


See SDB's previous posts on both Justin Townes Earle here and Steve Earle here.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Legend

Last week, Vegas and I had a can't-pass-up opportunity to see 'The Legend' Merle Haggard at the Tennessee Theatre on Thursday, 8/7. A buddy of ours called me at 5 that afternoon and said he had a pair of tickets to Merle and that he couldn't go, and he asked if we wanted them. After debating for oh, say, .00000001 seconds, I agreed to take the tickets off his hands...only because I didn't want them to go to waste. Yeah, that's right...

Anyways, this was my second experience with Merle, and Vegas's first. We both agree that if you have the chance to see the Hag, take it! Do not wait 'til next time, or say the tickets are too expensive, or have other plans that night like washing your hair and re-lacing your cowboy boots. Trust us. Merle does not disappoint. This wasn't quite as good of a show as when I saw Merle from the third row in the Ryman in 2006 (I think), but still, it was Merle. You can't go wrong. He doesn't put on a bad show...just great shows, with varying degrees of 'amazingness'.

Ol' Hag opened with "Misery and Gin" and played many crowd favorites like "Swinging Doors" and "Big City" (two of my personal faves), as well as "Silver Wings", "I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink" and of course,

"Okie from Muskogee":

On top of these cornerstones in the church of country music, Merle played some lesser known gems such as "The Way I Am" and "Today I Started Loving You Again". And that's about where my memory, as well as my notes that were intended to resemble a setlist, started getting hazy...Merle might say that, on occasion, the bottle let him down. Well, it certainly did not let me down that night. Nor did it let Vegas down either.

We managed to hold it together however for Merle's closer; a staple in country music since country music started being sang and played:

"I'll Fly Away":

Long story short: Go see Merle if you have the opportunity. He's worth the money. He's worth the drive. And he's certainly worth the time. Check him out before the good times are really over for good.

Bon Iver @ the Pilot Light in Knoxville 8.10.08

Check out part of "Skinny Love", Bon Iver's closing song from the absolutely packed Pilot Light...more to come on this show, trust me! Just be patient...

And before you even watch this video, be fore warned: You can't see much in this clip...That's how crowded it was. That, and that Justin and the guys hopped off stage and played this one in the floor in the middle of the crowd. But it's still worth it, simply for the aural fixation and to hear the crowd singing as loud as any crowd could, and then self-silencing to the point of a spookiness, as if there was no one there, except for Bon Iver. See what you think.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The future father of your children

Haha... Me in my Luchador mask at the Legends of Wrestling ("Rasslin'") Night at Chilhowee Park in Knoxville tonight! More to come on this spectacular event...

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For Those About to Rock...


WANT TO BE IN THE NEXT AC/DC VIDEO? Answer The Call And Get Ready To Rock

Attention AC/DC fans!

On August 15, AC/DC will shoot a video in the UK for their forthcoming album and they need they need your help. After all, what good's a video without the electricity surging through the crowd? That's where you come in.

So, if you're ready for the big time, all you have to do is fill out our form explaining why you're the biggest Acca Dacca fan in one sentence, and you and a guest could end up appearing in the next AC/DC video.

Fans must be in the Central London area, and available from 3pm to Midnight on August 15 to take part in the video shoot. Fill out our form cross your fingers and next thing you know you might find yourself immortalized in the new AC/DC video.

Be a part of the next chapter in AC/DC history - apply today.

Have a good one,

Friday, August 8, 2008

even more Kings...

Ok, so lots of KOL this week... from their website:

Kings of Leon have confirmed their first North American tour in support of the band's new record, ONLY BY THE NIGHT. The album will be released on September 23rd, and the tour kicks off on street date with an exclusive club show at New York's Webster Hall. It will continue through October and November, ending November 19th at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN. A full itinerary is below.

Only By The Night's first single, the explosive and memorable "Sex On Fire," will be available on Itunes and impacts at radio next week. The song received its first public airing yesterday, Tuesday, August 5th, on MySpace Music, the band's MySpace page. The video is being shot in Los Angeles this week and is being directed by the renowned Sophie Muller.

Starting September 1st, the band is going to begin hosting a series of home movies that document the making of Only By The Night. Every day leading up to the release date, a new home movie will be featured on and the band's MySpace page.

Only By The Night was recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN, and was produced by Angelo Petraglia and Jacquire King. It is a bold and expansive sonic statement that looks set to solidify Kings of Leon's position as one of the most important international acts of 2008 and beyond. It follows rapidly in the footsteps of the band's previous albums, Youth And Young Manhood, Aha Shake Heartbreak and Because Of The Times, all of which have quickly established them as one of the most prolific and acclaimed acts around.

The tour dates are as follows:


23 New York, NY Webster Hall w/The Whigs

October (w/The Stills and We Are Scientists)

11 Las Vegas, NV The Joint
12 San Diego, CA House of Blues
15 Los Angeles, CA Nokia Theatre
17 and 18 San Francisco, CA Warfield Theatre
20 Seattle, WA Paramount Theatre
21 Portland, OR Schnitzer Hall
23 Denver, CO The Fillmore Auditorium
25 Austin, TX Austin Music Hall
26 Oklahoma City, OK Bricktown Events Center
28 Houston, TX Verizon Wireless Theater
29 Dallas, TX Palladium Ballroom
31 Chicago, IL Aragon Ballroom

November (w/The Whigs and We Are Scientists)

1 Minneapolis, MN Orpheum Theatre
3 St. Louis, MO The Pageant
5 Milwaukee, WI The Eagles Ballroom
7 Toronto, ONT Kool Haus
8 Detroit, MI The Fillmore
10 Washington, DC DAR Constitution Hall
12 Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre
15 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory Ballroom
18 Atlanta, GA The Tabernacle
19 Nashville, TN Nashville Municipal Auditorium

a good show coming up

and it's only $10! Count me in.

See Tennessee Shines for more info.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Kings

The Kings of Leon have released another song off their upcoming album Only By the Night, due out September 23. Check out the KOL Myspace for "Sex on Fire". I like this track a lot more than "Crawl", but that's just me...and if "Sex on Fire" is anything like the rest of the album, it's sure to be a pretty hot hour or so worth of electric sex!

I have heard tales that there are apparently at least two other new tracks out there floating around too, so if you know where they are at, send us a note, link, messenger pigeon, smoke signal...or an email and let us know where to find them at. Thanks!