Monday, August 18, 2008

Rock and Roll Means Well...

Welp, here it is, in all it's (hopefully not finalized and totally unfulfilled) glory:

The Drive-By Truckers fall tour, perfectly named "The Rock and Roll Means Well Tour" with The Hold Steady. Tour dates are here. Pre-sale tickets go on-sale tomorrow here.

Sadly, no Knoxville dates (as of now... ...I hear the DBTs don't like to play here for a few reasons stemming back to some clubs dates a few years ago...) and no Chattanooga dates. Nashville is in there, at the Ryman no less, which I have no doubt will be a great show! But after seeing the DBTs at the Tennessee Theatre a few years back, I'd rather stand the whole time, get pushed around, fight and elbow for position and get beer spilled all over me at a club show, rather than sit in a nice theatre setting and know that someone once sat where I was sitting and saw Michael McDonald and probably Yanni too. Kenny G? More than likely as well. And the symphony.

But I takes what I's can gets. At least the Nashville and Atlanta dates are on the weekend.

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Unknown said...

Told you all aboutt he Charlotte date, and it is at a club type venue in the city. More than welcome to come out, and I believe it is a weekend date if I remember correctly.