Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bang the Kang

You know I tried to think of a clever way to begin this post, perhaps some sort of clever inclusion of a lyric or maybe even an extremely witty remark about Verizon's use of American Bang's "Move to the Music" in one of their commercials. But the truth is I really just want to say if you like rock and roll music, and I mean real rock and roll music, then go see the Bang. They put on one of the best rock shows around town and I can only hope that their success will continue to the point where they are playing much bigger venues than the Preservation Pub (although I must admit that the Pub is a great atmosphere to see the Bang).

When I first heard these guys (back when they were called Bang Bang Bang) I have to admit that I was one of many that thought they pretty much sounded like a long lost second cousin to the Kings of Leon. They were both from Nashville and, at least going by the sound of the KoL's first album, they sounded a lot alike. However, in the last year or so and after having seen both bands live, I have to admit that for my money the Bang put on a much better show than the KoL. That's nothing against the Kangs, it's just that there's something about the fun, loud, up-tempo Jagger-esque swagger that the Bang embodies that I dig a lot more than the introverted, high-brow sound of the KoL. It's not that the KoL aren't a good band, they certainly are, and I dig them a lot. But when I want to drink beer (or 12), listen to good music (and don't get me wrong, as fun as they are the Bang make really fucking good music), kick back and rock out, I'll take the Bang every day. I don't miss them when they're in town and I've yet to be even close to disappointed.

Some of the highlights from any show are always when they play my two favorites, "Traffic" and "I Shot the King" (the title of the last one, as far as I know, not intended to separate them from the KoL reference, but still pretty interesting to think about). This last show they even did a cover of Start Me Up, which was just as awesome as it sounds being that Jaren's stage presence always reminds me of Mick Jaggar. Anyhow, long story short says you're missing out if you don't check out American Bang next time they're in your town. Holler at me there and I'll buy you a beer.

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