Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Goodbye, Big Russ

Again, my M.O. is sometimes being a little late. Which, probably won't help me in this area of my life. A couple of friends sent this link to me a few weeks and I forgot all about it. This is from Tim Russert's Memorial a few weeks ago, with Tom Brokaw and Tim's son Luke Russert introducing the next piece. Apparently Russert was a big Bruce Springsteen fan from way back in the day when Bruce and Tim were unknown faces to the world.

Watch the Boss plays "Thunder Road" for Big Russ, as he called him, via satellite from Europe. My friends all agreed that if this didn't make you tear up just a bit, you have no soul.

Well, do you?

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Unknown said...

Hey Russ! It was good to see you again dude, I will be in Knoxville sometime in the next two months for a visit, so we can all visit longer. Anyways, here is my blog link, with pics from Bailey's crazy shedding. Nice blog dude, I liked it to mine, so I can keep up with it.