Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What is this world coming to?

I have nothing to say about this...other than goddammit! And why? Actually, I have a lot to say about this, well, rather Everlast covering the Almighty JC, but I will not share it all here... Is nothing sacred anymore? See for yourself, if you can stomach it.

I have no explanation as to why, other than why not. Ideally, it gives any artist extra street cred if you know, like or play some Johnny. Why wouldn't it? JC is a badass, but that doesn't mean that everyone needs to and has the right to cover any song they want. I am utterly speechless. And the fact that he has Cypress Hill's Insane in the Brain as the backtrack.

Hell, Everlast should have covered Stairway to Heaven while he was at it too. He could have sampled House of Pain's Jump Around as it's backing track.

Who let this happen at the Cash camp? Or was it Columbia? Who has the rights to "Folsom Prison Blues" these days? I think it's either House of Cash, Inc. or Sun Entertainment Corporation. Whoever it is, has chosen poorly by allowing Everlast to cover this.

The video is atrocious. Preposterous. Pompous. Blasphemous. I am appalled. Really. My spirit, and more importantly, Cash's legacy, just died a little bit.

I have no doubt that JC is rollin' over here.

(and yes, I took this picture of the Cashs' grave site in my pilgrimage there two years ago.)


Ian Little said...

At first I thought "that's funky" but mid-track I just wanted to hurl. Hopefully people wil hear it and check out JC's original instead.

Unknown said...

Song is a disgrace to anyone who appreciates music anywhere. So sad.