Tuesday, October 23, 2007

HellaBama Getaway...Getaway

Another big part of life, entertainment and reality around here is college football in the fall. We count down the days, beginning in the spring, until kickoff...then "It's Football Time in Tennessee". Every Saturday we are all glued to the tv, radio and internet, watching and keeping up with as many of the games as we can. Like the concert calendar from a few posts earlier, football is very time, energy and money-consuming, with games every weekend, and 6 or 7 games being here in town between September and December.

This past weekend was an away week, so our boys were traveling... My brother, a couple of his buddies and one of my boys DK decided that we were going to travel too. So we packed up Ste. Genevieve (our 26' beast of an RV) for the 320 mile (one way) trek and headed down to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to see our Tennessee Volunteers take on the Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday.

(Below are pics from from our yearly Talladega trip, in which the RV plays an integral role in Shenanigans and Boozin'.)

The weekend was a great time...the game not so much. I don't remember much of Friday night, except that I had no money left, I was hungover, and that Saturday morning came reeeeeaaalllllll early, especially with the Central Time time change, making the already-early-enough-as-it-is game even earlier at 11:30am. It was on the miserable side, being nearly 90 degrees in mid-October in Alabama, especially sitting way up high in the sun. The seats were awesome. The sun was not. Oh, and not to mention that UT got spanked 41-17. The Bama fans weren't exactly the nicest and classiest fans that I have ever encountered- that's for sure. I hope that when I am 60 that I have alot more important things to do than run my mouth, act obnoxious and brag about a football game...especially one that my team was picked to win.

Now as far as the young frat boys that like to run their mouths, they can't help that they are dickheads. That's in the rules of being in the frat. I don't know which was funnier, the guys that are younger than me running their mouths, or the ones old enough to be my daddy, or even granddaddy. Dumbasses.

I won't down on all the Bama fans, as the ones on the shuttle ride to the stadium and in the RV parking lot were cool to us...It was after the 24 point drumming and everyone was fully liquored up that Tide turned on us...literally. Oh well...they are from Alabama.

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