Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tiger Army and the Street Dogs - 10.9.07

Whoa- such a great show in Atlanta at the Masquerade. I made the 215 mile trek from Knoxville to Atlanta...and back again returning to the Broadway Penthouse very late that night or early in the AM, depending on how you look at it. Just enough time for about 3 hours of sleep before work...ugh. However, it was a night of many firsts: my first Tiger Army show, first Street Dogs show and fisrt show at the Masquerade...and all three were outstanding!!

First of all, The Masquerade in Atlanta is awesome: it is small- less than 500 people. The stage is set up where people can stand on by sides, as well as the front. Plus, one of the sides is raised by 2 or 3 feet so you can look down on the band and stage, but not like from the upper deck. The other side of the stage you can just stand on the floor and look up. Plus it sounded great. All ages show, so good for the youngsters, but I didn't see too many of them. Security not too tight- no obnoxious pat downs, searches or bigheaded they were letting folks on stage to dive off. Some climbed the speaker stacks and were jumping off of there. The stage hands/guards looked at each other and just shook their heads during that. Haha (I guess). The Masq also has the biggest bottles of Newcastle that I have ever seen.

I have somehow never seen the Street Dogs after all these years (they have been known to open for my fave Social Distortion on occasion). I have been wasting serious time by missing these guys...and you have too if you haven't seen them. Just like everyone has said, they put on a hell of a show. It was 100mph the whole way through, with some sing alongs, some shout alongs, a few dedications to the soldiers and fallen friends and an ode to a band member with a drinking problem. Such a great set, only wish they could have played longer than 45 minutes, but that's always the case. I even had to buy one of their albums. Plus they were super cool after the show hanging out, drinking, taking pics and signing autographs for everyone.

Tiger Army came out and it was just so relieving to finally see these guys after three years of obsessing over them. I don't have the setlist, but it was similar to other recent show setlists that I have seen on around on blogs. They didn't play any of their western-y style songs (The Long Road or In the Orchard) as I had hoped, but it was all good. I didn't realize how talkative Nick and Jeff would be with the crowd. That Jeff sure is a talker. Great set, great show. Jeff and James hung out after the show, and actually packed up their own gear which surprised me. They both took time to sign autographs and take pics with fans. Jeff even bragged about his new toolbox that he had just gotten as he showed it off to me after the show. I was asking him how to make the upright bass pop like it does. (I can play everything but an upright...just never had an opportunity to try, but now I HAVE TO!!). Jeff gave me some tips and told me to keep trying at it. He was super cool about talking to me about it all, but I could tell that his real focus was on 1) the girls around (I don't blame him) and 2) packing up and getting out of there, as they had to go the NYC after the show.

Nick didn't come back out and hang out, so I didn't get the meet and thank him for the show. Jeff said that he probably left right after the show to go the airport to fly to NYC. I guess Jeff, James and the crew were all driving...Must be nice to be the singer I guess...but I won't go there...tonight at least.

Both Street Dogs and Tiger Army were very pleased with the Atlanta crowd, saying it was always warm and welcoming to the SDs and the best ATL crowd ever to TA. If you have seen these guys, you know how good the show was. If you haven't, go NOW and check them out!

Opening band was The Static Age (Misfits fans, I assume). They were pretty good for what I saw (last 2 songs), but their profile songs on myspace and their stage songs sounded totally different...I don't know...Pretty cool either way.

From where we stood on the side of the stage, taken with my obviously high powered professional photographic Verizon cell phone:

Nick 13 of Tiger Army:

Jeff and Nick 13 of Tiger Army:

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