Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hey Porter, Hey Porter...sorry...

I was so excited yesterday about the Tom Petty doc, and was subsequently exhausted when it ended, that I forgot to post about the passing of one of the originals in Country music: Porter Wagoner. Sorry to leave you hanging and not mention anything about this great loss to the music community.

picture borrowed from The Tennesseean

Unfortunately, Porter is best known for his rhinestone nudie suits and for giving Dolly Parton her start in the biz as his duet partner (nothing wrong with that in the least bit- I just wish that more people knew him and his music, rather than his outfits and for someone else and their music).

Now, I could type out a long dissertation about Porter and his importance, but there's probably not a lot that I can say that hasn't been already said, especially since I missed early posting on this. I meant to post about him going into the hospital recently, but just got totally sidetracked with ROCKTOBER.

So, check out these posts about P-Dub (what I called him when we came up together):



Country Music Hall of Fame

LA Times

Also, check out his last release: Wagonmaster. It is PHENOMENAL! You won't be sorry.

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