Monday, December 3, 2007


Congrats to the Essence of Rock N Roll (aka Byron) and to his bride to be Kelly Marie. Both are good friends of us here at SDB and they were engaged in Nashville this weekend! Congrats to them. They are getting married next fall, on a home football Saturday of course. Why? I don't know- they tried to explain, but I can't remember...too many gameday drinks. We have almost a year to get them to move the wedding to the next off week. That's the goal.

Congrats Guys! If you know'em, holler at them. If not, you should. They are good people...well, she is. He's one of us.


Byron the Blue Light Broker said...

The fact that I am proud to have made your blog...frightens me.

Hollywood said...

don't make us post your Guitar Hero pictures!