Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Southern Thing

SDB is growing week by week already. We have fellow non-Saints around the country looking in from time to time making sure that we haven't turned from our ways (just so everyone knows- we haven't!).

But also, these fellow non-Saints send in info from their corners of the globe from time to time, such as:

Lucero in their hometown (more or less) of Memphis for their annual New Year's Eve show at the famed Young Avenue Deli! With them is another one of my favorite bands, and on the forthcoming Best of 2007 list, Glossary!

Glossary will also be here in the big town on Saturday night at the Corner Lounge with Ghostfinger and local legend Carl Snow's Summer of Love. Both shows will prove to be absolutely crazy, with the Lucero NYE show to be positively R-O-W-D-Y!

Also to our attention, is the listing of the Drive-By Truckers upcoming album "Brighter Than Creation's Dark" on Amazon. In addition to pre-sale info, there are snippets of each song...Check'em out. The album is due out on January 22 on New West Records.

While on the Truckers, our friends at Southern Shelter posted this from Patterson's recent AIDS Benefit in Athens, Georgia. And to top that off, SS provided at link to a September DBT show which showcased a bunch of the new songs. Listen here.

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