Monday, December 10, 2007

Hough Stuff

I can't help it. I watched Dancing with the Stars...well, most of the episodes at least. How could I not? It had Julianne Hough on it. She is (an) AMAZING (dancer)!!!! And apparently she got a record deal now with Universal's Nashville Country branch of Mercury Records. She will have an album out in 2008, with a single out in early '08. Apparently she had a single back in May, too, but I wasn't in love with her, err, I didn't know who she was and appreciate her many talents then. I can't believe she is only 19!!

Oh My.

See more about Julianne here:
Fan Site
You Tube

See her here below with two of my arch nemeses, Apolo Ohno and Helio Castroneves:

(fast forward to me)

Good Gracious!!

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