Wednesday, September 17, 2008

AC/DC world tour

AC/DC announced the expected late last week as they mapped out their first US tour dates since 2001 as part of their 18-month 2008-2009 world tour in support of their new album, Black Ice, out on October 20 (a Monday, oddly enough) that will be available exclusively at WalMart and Sam's Club (even more odd for the Hell's Highway troubadours). Sadly, as of right now, there are only two dates anywhere near here: Atlanta and Charlotte, both during the work week, and both at least a 3+ hour drive both ways, and both the week before Christmas.

Atlanta: Tuesday, December 16
Charlotte: Thursday, December 18

Maybe they will squeeze a Nashville show in there somewhere...or who knows, maybe a Knoxville show- I think the last time they did was back in 1996 on the Ballbreaker Tour, so there's always an outside chance. Knoxville surprises us once in a while with both big rock arena shows (Motley Crue, KISS, Aerosmith, etc...) to dive bars, small clubs and theatre shows (Bon Iver, Jeff Tweedy, Morrissey). We even have the surprising upcoming Jenny Lewis, Girl Talk, Black Keys and The Sword shows (not all together on the same bill, by the way). Anyways, I reckon we'll wait and see about Angus and the boys.

Click here for US dates and tickets. Tickets go on sale this weekend. I imagine they will go quicker than you think.

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