Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hayes Carll - KMAG YOYO video and album

Here's Hayes Carll on Judas Leno last week, playing the title track to his upcoming album KMAG YOYO (& Other American Stories), out on February 15th on Lost Highway Records.

This is a direct link to his performance, or you can watch the whole show below if you can stomach Judas, Kathie Lee and Hoda for forty-two minutes. (Bonus action: you get a crotch shot of Kathie Lee doing a keg stand, so you've got that going for you if you're daring. If not, fast forward to around the 38 minute mark)

Meanwhile, while you either fast forward or watch the first 38 minutes on mute, Lost Highway is streaming a couple new Hayes tracks, so head on over to get a sneak listen, pre-order the record and get an instant download now of the title track and exclusive swag.

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