Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Blessing and a Curse

Keeping with the Truckers theme to non-related news, it came to my attention today that The Boss will be in Atlanta on April 25 in support of his and the E Street Band's new release, Magic. Yes, this is a blessing- the Boss doesn't come down South too much.

The curse is that that Friday I will be at Talladega for my annual boys' weekend o' filth at the race...

Now it has already been discussed about driving over from Talladega to Atlanta on Friday night to the show and then back to the 'Dega afterwards to resume our annual festivities. It's only two hours each way...What to do, oh, what to do...?

We are hoping for a Nashville or Lexington show in case everything doesn't quite come to fruition. We shall see.

Oh well, I'm off to see The Bravery with Straylight Run and De Novo Dahl.

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