Friday, November 2, 2007

Foo Fighters - The Tabernacle - Atlanta - 10.4.07

The non-musical highlight of this spectacled show, as is with the two Foo shows I've been to, is where Dave jumps off the stage and runs through the crowd, all the while playing and not missing a beat (for the most part). This time, Diamond Dave stepped it up not only one notch, but two: he climbed up on the bar that runs the length of the left wall of the Tabernacle. He then runs the length of the bar, while playing a solo, then dueling back and forth with Chris during the breakdown of "Stacked Actors". Grohl and Shifflet went back and forth, shredding their guitars and trading licks back and forth as if they were playing "Thump". The solo duel winner was not clear cut, although Dave did prove to be the crowd's winner, as he took a huge shot of Jagermeister to top off his solo. He ran back down the narrow bar, jumped off and climbed back on stage and rejoined the rest of the Foos. While Dave was on the end of the bar playing, he was about ten feet away from us. Now usually we would be closer to the bar (...and to the stage too), but this show was sold out and we did good just to be inside and able to see the stage from where we were at. Luckily though, Dave brought the show to us and I was able to capture a few Pulitzer Prize Winning Shots with my very obvious hi-tech piece of photographic equipment...I call it my phone. I have never seen more phone cameras being pulled out to take a picture at the same would have thought it was Mardi Gras and Girls Gone Wild was there.

But thinking back on this moment as the "non-musical" highlight of the show is kinda foolish. It's like the people saying that the non-football highlight of most Super Bowls is the Half Time's all apart of the show now, and it has become a staple, a must, a given; it's gonna happen. But it's always just as good if not better than you could have ever imagined. So in hindsight, that was the musical highlight of the show. That, and them playing "Everlong", which can never be beaten. Nope. I'm sorry it can't be. Many have tried, and all have failed.
Ahh, I do know the non-musical highlight of the show now. When the FF came on stage, I noticed a dark shadow on the side of the stage playing guitar and assumed that it was a tech helping fill out the sound and play rhythm. Nupe. After about three songs, the light shone on this mysterious dark stranger. I'll be damned if it wasn't Pat Smear. Yes, THE Pat Smear. The Pat Smear that played in the first full incarnation of the FF. The one that played on the second FF album (the best one, btw) and then quit the band. The same one that played in legendary LA punk outfit The Germs (and the current lineup). Oh, and the same one that played on the last leg of a little known band called Nirvana, and was introduced to the masses for the most part on their scarcely heard "Unplugged" show and album (and soon to be released dvd). Well, on second thought, this was a musical highlight too, not a non-musical highlight. Damn. Maybe there wasn't a non-musical highlight. And that's just fine with me.
Below is the set list. It's pretty strong. The Foos have more material than most bands do these days, as they have been around for 12+ years, have 6 albums, a live acoustic album, some dvds, and a slew of unreleased and bootleg materials.

The Tabernacle - 10/4/07
Let it Die
The Pretender
Times Like These
Cheer Up Boys (Your Makeup is Running)
I'll Stick Around
Long Road to Ruin
Learn to Fly
The One
Stacked Actors (w/ extended dueling solos)
Skin and Bones
My Hero
See You
Monkey Wrench
All My Life

But Honestly
Best of You
Oh. I do know the non-musical highlight: we saw about 5 different fights, all of which were awesome in their own right. The best one was where they guy couldn't stand up and the bouncer had to carry him out. But he didn't want to go peacefully into that good night (and why should he?). So the bouncer dragged him out, only to be held up by the guy grabbing ahold of any and all railing that he could hold on to. That led the bounced to dragging him and pulling him even harder. Well, this eventually gave way to essentially throwing the guy down about 20 steps, with him landing on his head. The bouncer then picked the guy up, took him to the door and I guess nicely escorted him out...Yea, that was pretty cool.

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