Thursday, November 29, 2007

Numba One Stunna, err, Numba One Dumb-a

Tennessee's on fire this week (sorry for the bad joke, California...)! Sticking with Tennessee news, we have more to report. Not only did we have the first inductions to the Musicians Hall of Fame, but we had a big time (well, not that big time, at least to me any my circle of friends) celebrity drug bust just up the road from the SDB HQ here in the big town.

Rapper Birdman (aka Baby, and sixteen members of his crew were arrested yesterday in Kingsport, Tennessee for a large amount of weed (a pound to be exact!) and weapon possession. His RV was pulled over after making an improper lane change after almost running a tractor trailer off the road. Officers came on board after smelling some of the magic herb...Birdman was released on $1,500 bond on Wednesday.

Check out the full story here.

Birdman to MTV

Birdman Myspace

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