Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Great to be Alive!

"It's Great to be Alive" is one of the DBTs hallmark one liners, and today is no different, for it certainly rings true. The DBTs recently released the track listing for their upcoming album Brighter Than Creation's Dark, set for release on January 22 on New West Records. Head over to their website for a track by track write-up from Patterson himself. Some of the descriptions aren't exactly about the songs, but hey, it's close enough, and the blurbs will surely match the songs, as Patterson usually hits the nail on the head. In this case, the DBTs hit all 19 songs (!!!) on the head! Patterson wrote nine of the songs, Cooley wrote seven, and Shonna Tucker contributed her first songs to the DBT catalog with three.

While there, check out their new bio too. Patterson dishes on what was a very exciting and tumultuous year for the Truckers, with the departure of Jason Isbell for his solo jaunt and debut album (which is well worth the time and money), the collaboration with legendary soulstress Bettye LaVette on her new album, Scene of the Crime, which I just picked up today (I'll let you know what I think), and an extensive acoustic cross country tour that kept going and going and going. Subsequently, it led to the new album as they auditioned and worked on new songs nightly right there on the stage. So they went right into the studio mid-tour and recorded this new album that will be out in just over two short months...

It is definitely "Great to be Alive"!

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