Friday, October 10, 2008

Hook a brother up -- WUTK needs your help!

Yep, go out and show your loyalty support and patriotism to...local purveyors of rock 'n roll. WUTK, the University of Tennessee's student-run "student learning lab", which by the way is 100% financially independent of the university, is up for another mtvU Woodie Award for Best College Radio Station of 2008. Go here and vote for the hometown team-- they deserve it. If they get enough votes, they will advance to the next round and so on...Voting for this bracket runs through October 13, so vote now...and again...and again... We all appreciate it- it's about the only thing on the radio that's tolerable 'round these parts.

Aaaaand since you're wastin' time at work while on the clock, desperately searching for the end of the good ol' world wide web, check out WUTK 90.3 The Rock's website too. Go ahead, and look around a bit- I bet you'll find some cool stuff on there.

The Rock host specialty shows every weekday after 8pm and all weekend long. They have something for everyone on these shows, not to mention you'll never know what you"ll hear during the daytime as well (but that's is a good thing).

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